• Complete outsourcing of payroll services
  • Drafting payroll tax returns
  • Drafting tax returns for detached employees
  • Review of salary calculations
  • Social Audit

Salary and human resources are a sensitive area in any entity regardless of company size. This sensitivity comes from the fact that, on one hand, confidential information is handled and, on the other hand,  correctly prepared documents and accurate calculations in accordance with legislation in force is a necessity. Because updates to Romanian legislation is frequent, the effort needed to keep up with all the changes, some of them being incompletely regulated, is a difficult task.

Any errors in documentation or in salary calculations often negatively affect employees. Employee dissatisfaction, in turn, and may lead to a negative effect on company performance. 

APEX Team has the expertise to enforce legal requirements, has up-to-date technical tools for managing this information, and can provide you with complete, successful outsourced payroll.

Our team of professionals has vast experience in the field, having received numerous recognition awards from accredited professional bodies. Our salary management software reflects up-to-date legislation and we benefit from a wide range of satisfied customers.

The APEX Payroll team can assure you of complete and accurate management of employee salaries with fully outsourced payroll services and formalities or with just the components you need. 

Advantages of outsourcing payroll services to APEX:

  • access to the experience of a team dedicated to HR, APEX Payroll consultants do not deal with other accounting or tax areas and their expertise is maximized in the HR area
  • access to the resources and know-how of APEX Payroll consultants
  • ability of the company's management to organise their current activities more efficiently
  • process simplification for the company
  • avoid costs associated with training employees responsible for salary calculations and the costs to update payroll software
  • timely delivery of salary documents to management and pay slips to employees
  • ensure confidentiality of salary information
  • APEX assumes responsibility for wage calculation process
  • full engagement with state institutions
  • assist during audits by Labour Inspectorate
  • assist in resolving various cases in HR area
  • permanent information on legislative changes
  • flexible work procedures 

Outsourcing salary calculation to APEX: 

  • retrieve data from previous payroll records and set up IT system
  • process payroll information received based on customized monthly timesheet(file provided by APEX)
  • warn of any errors in documents provided/medical leave certificates
  • calculation of sick leave allowances, holiday leave, special events
  • calculate gross equivalent of net bonuses/compensations communicated
  • calculate exchange rate differences in foreign currency-denominated wages (net or gross) and premiums or bonuses in foreign currency
  • process bonuses, compensation, guarantees, attachments, detentions, advances
  • prepare the payroll statement
  • prepare payment report for taxes and social contributions
  • compile accounting report and personalized reports with emphasis on wage costs by various dimensions: work locations, departments, cost centers or sections
  • prepare payment orders for taxes and salary contributions
  • prepare file for payments to employee bank accounts
  • prepare pay slips with the possibility of individual or centralized transmission, in paper format (in envelope or secured paper), by e-mail in a PDF file (password protected or unprotected)
  • prepare and register file for refund from health/work accident funds
  • draft, sign and transmit monthly or annual declarations: 100, 112, 205, etc.
  • generate salary accounting entries for import into the accounting system
  • manage meal vouchers
  • complete forms to report employment metrics. 

Outsource Human Resources to APEX:

  • manage staff files
  • prepare individual labour contracts
  • draft additional acts to labour contracts
  • make decisions to terminate, suspend and/or resume work
  • compile, update and transmit the General Register of Employees’ Evidence (REGES)
  • prepare all types of certificates

Foreign citizens' services

Foreign citizens coming from EU Member States or from the European Economic Area, who are active in Romania, must declare their residency to the Romanian authorities and declare income related to their activity in Romania. 

APEX Payroll team can assist the management of declaratory obligations:

  • assist in obtaining registration certificate
  • prepare and register statement 222 (at start and end of activity)
  • monthly calculation, completion and recordation of statement 224.

HR consulting services

APEX Payroll consultants can guide you in solving various issues on the HR area:

  • Payroll - review salary calculation process
  • Human Resources - Review staff files
  • Social Audit - Full review of the entity's HR function

Services may be subject to customer-specific requests or a monthy consulting subscription.

Organisation of training courses:

  • payroll practices
  • optimizing wage costs
  • taxation of self-employment income
  • labour law
  • customized courses

About us

APEX Team is made up of experienced consultants, available to assist customers and provide a diverse range of accounting and payroll services. Our consultants have abundant experience with international clients from different fields.

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