Other services

Other services

  • Hosting a virtual corporate headquarters for our clients
  • Accounting, tax and payroll formalities post-incorporation
  • Various administrative procedures in relation to ANAF, Trade Registry (ONRC)and other authorities

Hosting virtual corporate headquarters for our clients

Hosting our clients' virtual headquarter is a service for those who do not need a physical location, but need an official location where company headquarters are declared. To some extent, this service is similar to that  offered by the law firms. The essential difference is that at a law firm the headquarters can be hosted for a limited time and is not accepted as a solution for VAT registration. Hosting company headquarters with the APEX Team is perfectly acceptable for VAT registration purposes.

Accounting, tax and payroll formalities post-incorporation

Immediately after establishment of a new company with the Trade Register, various administrative procedures are required. They relate to the following:

  • verification of fiscal vector recorded in the ANAF system for the newly created entity
  • registration as employer with tax authorities and Labour Inspectorate
  • purchase of various journals and mandatory registers
  • registering the power of attorney required for electronic signature and for filing tax returns online
  • registration for access to the Virtual Private Space (communication portal of the tax authorities)
  • other administrative formalities – decision to allocate serial numbers to financial accounting documents, decision to appoint of responsible party for communication with the National Office for Preventing and Combating Money Laundering and similar tasks as provided by law.

APEX Team is responsible for checking these and other aspects specific to the post-incorporation phase.

Various administrative formalities in relation to fiscal authorities (ANAF), Trade Register and other authorities

During the period of operation of the company there are also other specific formalities to be performed in relation to fiscal authorities, Trade Register, Administration of the Environment Fund, National Bank of Romania, Institute of Statistics, property taxes and other authorities.

APEX Team performs these formalities for its customers.

About us

APEX Team is made up of experienced consultants, available to assist customers and provide a diverse range of accounting and payroll services. Our consultants have abundant experience with international clients from different fields.

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