Direct taxes

Direct taxes

  • Calculation and review of corporate or microenterprise income taxes
  • Certification of annual corporate income tax return
  • Taxation of non-resident income (WHT) - assistance in applying local law and double taxation avoidance conventions
  • Applying income tax regulations
  • Assistance in determining tax on prizes and other direct taxes
APEX Team can assist you in analyzing and establishing the appropriate direct tax treatment for various types of transactions and contracts.

Calculation and review of corporate or microenterprise income taxes

Romanian legislation is rather restrictive and complex regarding rules for determining corporate income tax and deductibility of various expenses, where the need for documentation is high. 

The profit tax calculation is a complex process involving thorough knowledge on correctly applying rules and limitations.

Although microenterprise income taxes are considered easy, applicability rules have a complicated mechanism for determining the tax.

APEX specialists can guide you in identifying and mitigating risks associated with various transactions, and also provide support in correctly interpreting legislation and in applying appropriate treatments.

APEX Team's involvement in the direct tax area can be varied:

  • direct involvement in tax calculations, especially for fully outsourced accounting and recurring assistance assignments
  • review of transactions and assistance in preparation of direct taxes calculations
  • timely analysis of and issuing opinions on transactions

Certification of annual corporate income tax return

Certification of corporate income tax returns is official attestation by the APEX Team, as a tax consultant, that the corporate income tax return and treatments applied have been reviewed and comply with legal provisions in force.

Certification is a useful tool in reducing the entity's tax risk level. We recall that the fiscal risk indicator which tax authorities assign to each entity may determine whether or not the entity is included in the sample of tax audits, may result in faster VAT reimbursement and, in general, a better perception of the entity by tax authorities.

Taxation of non-resident income (WHT) - assistance in applying local law and double taxation avoidance conventions

Non-resident income tax is another high-complexity tax subject. Interpretation and analysis of contractual provisions in conjunction with provisions of the Fiscal Code, Double Taxation Avoidance Conventions and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Norms give rise to a highly complex process for which you need specialists.

International taxation and avoidance of double taxation between countries is a topical subject, yet undergoing profound change and interpretation. Each country wishes to maximize its taxable income base, and hence there are many problems in applying treaties and other regulations on double taxation.

APEX Team can help you by interpreting contracts and transactions you carry out, by identifying risk areas and by recommending fair treatment.

Assistance during tax inspections

APEX Team has specialists who can assist you during tax audits of direct taxes and VAT returns.

This may involve several steps:

  • review documents prior to requesting VAT reimbursement to ensure compliance with legal requirements and existence of all mandatory elements/documents
  • collaborating with tax inspectors and preparing analyses required during the audit
  • provide legal reasoning behind the various treatments applied and support of client's position
  • assistance in counteracting adverse opinions and in issuing opinions and appeals
  • client support when meeting with managers from tax authority

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