Accounting/fiscal assistance


  • Accounting Assistance, Tax Assistance, Review (Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually, Annually)
  • Assistance in implementing information systems and in defining information flows

Accounting Assistance, Tax Assistance, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual Reviews

Accounting and tax assistance may be carried out on a continuous, recurring basis, or only when needed.

Periodic assistance and review (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually) is equivalent to partial outsourcing of the accounting function.

This type of outsourcing is especially suited for cases where the client already has its own financial accounting  team and wants expert advice during validation of applied treatments and certification of accounting and tax reports. This is the solution selected in cases where companies start with full outsourcing, but the development of the entity's activity leads to the need for an internal accounting department to solve daily information and documentary requirements, where a consultant intervenes during the most important stages of verification and certification of results.

Periodic accounting and tax assistance is similar to full outsourcing of the accounting function, yet daily recurring operations, data entry of primary accounting documents into informational systems and other primary accounting operations are performed by the client's team.

The client collaborates with a dedicated team from APEX, with information requirements and an action plan are agreed to in advance.

The APEX Team is often responsible for the following activities:

  • identification of errors and omissions, discrepancies between accounts and documents, between registers and accounting sub-registers
  • ensure correct application of accounting and tax treatment
  • adjustments for corrections
  • determining and proposing certain types of complex operations and tax adjustments which the consultant is contractually responsible for
  • validation or calculation of corporate or microenterprise income tax
  • validation or preparation VAT journals and VAT returns
  • validation or preparation of tax returns
  • identification of risks and presentation to the client, along with proposals to mitigate or minimize such risks

Advantages of outsourcing accounting services

The major benefits of outsourcing accounting services to APEX Team are:

  • Access a team of professionals with a wide range of accounting and tax experience which is not usually available from an internal accounting department
  • Dedicated team manager and partner
  • Elimination or mitigation of risks related to inconsistency with legal provisions in accounting and taxation
  • Reliable financial and accounting information and ability to focus more on operational areas than to coordinate and control your own financial accounting department
  • Flexibility in resources allocated to the financial accounting area and reduced risks caused by staff shortages
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Collaboration with a trusted partner

Assistance in implementing information systems and defining information flows

In most cases, the decision to change the financial accounting  information system is taken at the Group level in order to align application software and for easier management of managerial reports either due to the age of the existing system or the need to modernise both information technology and reporting.

Often, this type of change is not properly or fully managed. If the primary purpose is management reporting to the Group, too little attention is paid to compliance with accounting requirements, especially Romanian tax matters which, in turn, leads to frequent use of manual procedures and processing in Excel.

In the case of an old system, inadequate coordination tends to cause replication of all the shortcomings and drawbacks of the old system in the new system. This comes from lack of vision and experience in knowing what to ask of a new system. 

The APEX Team can help you alleviate the deficiencies noted above by:

  • Analysing existing information flows and proposals for redesign
  • Defining clear and complete requirements ensuring system compatibility with statutory requirements in Romania, and with the management information needs, as well
  • Communicating with the client and implementation team on choosing the best solution
  • Requesting functionalities that the client is unaware of or which the implementor does not propose
  • Avoiding an implementation strictly limited to standard functionalities
  • Maximising capabilities of the new IT solution. 

The APEX Team can assist your company in choosing and implementation of a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

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