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Our mission

Bringing value to our clients' business is the mission we started with in 2004. Such a mission involves two key success areas: a strong and united team of professionals who deliver excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our name

The APEX name is an acronym of Accounting & Payroll Expert Team and reflects the idea which united us from the beginning: a team of professionals in the accounting and payroll field, taxation being an intrinsic component of both.

Our history

APEX Team was established in 2004 at the initiative of an enthusiastic group of consultants with the goal of providing professional accounting, tax and payroll services by harnessing experience learned at Big Four accounting firms.

The beginning was measured, but full of the enthusiasm about freedom to develop the services as best we knew, keeping everything that was good from what we had seen, improving other aspects and creating our own identity. This was probably the most difficult aspect since no one had heard of us, and it is generally difficult to make yourself known. Compared to similar companies, we did not have a recognised name and it was much more difficult to gain new customers. Success at APEX came with a lot of work, passion and commitment to provide quality services. Since APEX Team is a fully independent entity, we realised that a major advantage was that the group of founding members provided a mix of skills and involvement. This has allowed us to provide a comprehensive approach to our services. We are able to offer a wide range of services and address all types of companies, from the smallest to the multinational.

An essential factor we have strongly promoted is flexibility with clients, the need to work closely with the client and to know its business. In order to maximize the value of our services, information about the operational part of the business and permanent communication with the client is vital.

APEX Team has seen continuous development. Our business card is presented by over 40 experienced consultants, an exceptional management team and a portfolio of satisfied clients.

Our expertise covers a full range of accounting, payroll, tax and advisory services. We invite you to read "Our Services" section for more details.

Members of APEX Team are chartered accountants, tax consultants, auditors and HR inspectors, and are fluent in English and French.

We invest in development and training of our specialists, encouraging every consultant to gain ACCA certification or Chartered Certified Accountant status with CECCAR.

APEX Team is accredited by ACCA at the highest “Platinum” employer level.

APEX Team is a member of the Body of Chartered and Authorised Accountants of Romania (CECCAR), the Chamber of Tax Consultants (CCF) and the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania (CAFR). We are also an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham) and the Franco-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFER).

The executive team

APEX Team’s development and strategy are assured from the start-up by its Partners, bringing their experience accumulated from years of collaboration with high-profile international companies. We invest in ourselves and, above all, we are invested with the trust of more than 300 clients. Our development plans for the future aim and target excellence in attitude toward clients and their business.

The mix of skills and qualifications make the APEX Team a successful solution.


Valentin ALANGIU

Accounting & Tax Department

With over 20 years of experience in accounting and taxation, Valentin is one of the reputable accountants, accredited by CECCAR and ACCA. Analytical and thorough, develops ongoing programmes for the team and customer training, VAT consultancy and profit tax, assisting with implementation of IT systems.

Conceives and coordinates the submission of one of the most popular monthly newsletters in the field of taxation.

Valentin speaks English fluently.


Accounting & Tax Department

Chartered accountant, CECCAR member and financial auditor, CAFR member, Ioana is one of the specialists involved in implementation and application of international accounting standards.

Active presence in assignments to create and implement accounting procedures and processes, Ioana’s 20+ years of experience in accounting brings added value to APEX customers.

Specializing in organizing and reorganizing, Ioana always finds a solution. Ioana speaks French.


Accounting & Tax Department 

Chartered accountant, ACCA and CECCAR member, tax consultant and active member of the Fiscal Consultants' Chamber, Cristina has more than 23 years of experience. Cristina's is versatile in finding solutions for diverse industries.

The ability, flexibility and attention with which each client is managed makes Cristina a trusted partner.

An English speaker, Cristina provides excellent professionalism to both Romanian and foreign clients.


Accounting & Tax Department

Oana set up the team that provides customers with expertise in compiling, documenting and updating transfer pricing files.

Chartered accountant, CECCAR member, ACCA member, tax consultant and member of the Fiscal Consultants’ Chamber with more than 20 years of experience, Oana coordinates the accounting division dedicated to the insurance industry. 

Oana speaks English fluently.

Mădălina RADU

Accounting & Tax Department

Chartered accountant and CECCAR member, financial auditor and CAFR member, tax consultant member of the Chamber of Fiscal Consultants, Mădălina is the coordinator of fiscal, accounting and financial efficiency projects. Madalina has over 20 years of experience

Mădălina has great communication skills and she turns the dilemmas of every client into solutions.

A fluent speaker of French and English, she is always informed and open to find quick and effective solutions.

Carmen OLARU

Payroll Department

An excellent teacher with over 20 years’ experience in HR, Carmen and her team provide human resource services for over 3,000 employees.

Carmen is best known for her patience and attention to detail.

The desire to share knowledge makes her an excellent teacher. She organises regular social-law training courses for clients. With excellent communication skills, Carmen provides HR and payroll services in both English and French.

Cătălina RUSU

Head of Finance & Administration

Catalina uses the knowledge gained during her 17 years of experience to manage the financial, administrative and commercial side of APEX Team.

With a wide-ranging specialization in "Business Management" Cătălina professionally manages all aspects of the company, ensuring balance and attention to every aspect related to client service, whether internal or external.  

Good communicator, provides client care and coordination to English or French clients.


Transfer Pricing & Tax Department

Tax consultant and member of the Fiscal Consultants' Chamber, CIOT certificate ("Chartered Institute of Taxation") in the area of transfer pricing, Raluca coordinates transfer pricing projects.

With more than 13 years of experience in tax consultancy, Raluca is involved in both transfer pricing and general advice on direct taxation.

Raluca speaks English and offers tax assistance to both Romanian and foreign clients, local companies and multinational groups.

Roxana ROMAN

Audit Department

ACCA member, CECCAR Chartered Accountant, with more than 20 years of experience in audit and related services.

An English speaker, responsible for coordinating audit missions and related services for local and multinational companies.


Amelia Bădineci

Manager, Expert Accountant

Accounting & Tax Department  


IT Manager

Cristina MORCOV

Manager, Authorized Accountant

Accounting & Tax Department 



HR Inspector - Payroll department 

Laurențiu CRÂNGAȘU

Associate Manager

HR Inspector - Payroll Department


Manager, Expert Accountant

Accounting & Tax Department  

Ramona MUȘA

Manager, Expert Accountant

Accounting & Tax Department  

Steliana OȘVAT


Accounting & Tax Department

Valentin STANCIU


Accounting & Tax Department

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About us

APEX Team is made up of experienced consultants, available to assist customers and provide a diverse range of accounting and payroll services. Our consultants have abundant experience with international clients from different fields.

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