APEX Team - Payroll Calculator

Version 01.01.2024


Parameters RON EUR / USD
Input the exchange rate for EUR / USD calculation    
Input the gross salary in RON
Input the value of meal tickets    
Principal employment (entitled to deductions)?    
No of dependants (children and others)    
No. of children < 18 years old, enrolled in an educational unit    
Under 26 years old?    
Person with disability?    
Employee havind the activity in construction field, food industry or agriculture?    
Did the employee with facilities opt for CAS fully retained?    
Results Percent RON EUR
Social security 25.0% 750 152
Health insurance 10% 300 61
Personal deduction   600 122
Additional personal deduction < 26 years old   0 0
Additional deduction for children < 18 years old, enrolled in an educational unit   0 0
Tax base   1350 274
Income tax 10% 135 27
Net salary   1815 369
Work insurance contribution 2.25% 68 14
Company taxes 68 14
Total company cost   3068 624
Disclaimer: The Payroll Calculator is intended to be a general information tool on payroll simulations. It is not intended to be an advice on any particular payroll calculations. APEX Team International SRL disclaims liability to any person in respect of anything done in reliance of the above Payroll Calculator.