• Outsourced accounting services for companies, NGOs, representative offices and authorized individuals
  • Draft tax returns and submit to the tax authorities
  • Draft Statutory Financial Statements
  • Prepare accounting reports for a Group of companies

APEX Accounting & Tax

APEX offers a complete range of accounting and tax services tailored to the needs of our customers. We have all categories of clients in our portfolio, from authorized individuals, NGOs, small family businesses, small, medium and large companies, of Romanian or international origin, publicly held or with individual shareholders. Diversity and breadth of experience in this field has helped us understand the needs of our customers as best we can and is how we are able to adapt to requirements of multinational companies and small family businesses.

Advantages of outsourcing accounting services

The major benefits of outsourcing accounting services to APEX Team are:

  • Access a team of professionals with a wide range of accounting and tax experience which is not usually available from an internal accounting department
  • Dedicated team manager and partner
  • Elimination or mitigation of risks related to inconsistency with legal provisions in accounting and taxation
  • Reliable financial and accounting information and ability to focus more on operational areas than to coordinate and control your own financial accounting department
  • Flexibility in resources allocated to the financial accounting area and reduced risks caused by staff shortages
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Collaboration with a trusted partner

Trust – the key factor in any outsourced services

Beyond any contractual relationship, an outsourced accounting service also involves human interaction. This means building a partnership between the client and consultant in developing a relationship of mutual trust, both parties having the same purpose: bringing value to the client's business.

Outsourcing has a number of advantages, but they depend on the quality of the outsourcing partner. Trust is a key factor, you cannot leave your financial and tax management base in just anyone's hand.

The risk of an inappropriate person in the role of chief financial officer or chief accountant also exists in companies where this process is internalised. We have often been required to repair what had been performed incorrectly or had not been performed at all.

From experience, it can often be said that the cost of repairing mistakes or shortcomings of past periods is greater than if the period in question had been properly managed with a trusted partner from the beginning.

APEX Team has demonstrated over time that we are a trusted partner. Our experience, strong team and satisfied customers recommend us in this regard.

Scope of ​​outsourced accounting services

Outsourced accounting services may be in a complete or partial form, or for only certain information flows. In its history, APEX Team has had several examples where clients have evolved from a start-up entity to a multinational company. In this respect, APEX Team was hired when the client’s company was founded in Romania, from the first formalities and setup of accounting functions, ensuring complete outsourced accounting services. The client subsequently brought some financial accounting  processes in-house, while APEX remained responsible for complex tasks, assistance and advisory services. It is impressive for an external consulting firm to contribute to a company's evolution.


What does full outsourcing of accounting services mean? Depending on complexity of the client's activity, a team coordinated by a manager and a partner is assigned to the client, a team that is flexible in setting up the collaboration, schedule and deadlines.


Outsourced accounting services means that APEX Team will cover all or part of the financial and accounting processes, such as:

  • analysis and registration of source documents according to accounting regulations and managerial reporting needs
  • management of fixed assets register and monthly accounting/tax depreciation calculation
  • cost of sales and stock discharge (based on client's business records)
  • accrue income and expense, record provisions, release prepaid expenses and deferred income on a monthly basis, as needed.
  • book travel expenses and employees salaries
  • account for loan and lease operations
  • record bank statement activity and cash operations
  • allocate payments and receipts
  • revalue foreign currency-denominated accounts each month
  • process specific VAT transactions, administer VAT Cash Accounting Scheme and close VAT accounts
  • perform month-end accounting operations: record direct taxes, close trial balance
  • compile and validate VAT journals
  • prepare and submit periodic tax returns related to direct taxes, VAT and others
  • extract, process and provide reports to Group each month, according to agreed-upon procedures and schedule
  • preparation of annual financial statements and mid-year accounting reports
  • various formalities with tax authorities
  • other related reports and services

About us

APEX Team is made up of experienced consultants, available to assist customers and provide a diverse range of accounting and payroll services. Our consultants have abundant experience with international clients from different fields.

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